Can I download the app yet?

Currently the app is in beta phase. You can sign up HERE to be notified when the SISTA app is in the App Store.

What is a cycle compass?

SISTA combines different cycles and helps you navigate through the complexities of everyday life.

On a daily basis, the app helps you understand whether you are in your inner spring, summer, fall or winter. Which qualities are particularly present at this time and how the moon additionally affects you.

Through daily reflection, you can also set your intention to accompany you through the day. For example, are you more in search of relaxation or do you need a boost of concentration?

We combine all these cycles in a personalized 3D Sound Journey with binaural frequencies and content tailored to you and your cycles.

This compass helps you to understand which cycles affect you and helps you to connect with them and to transform into your daily potential.

Is SISTA only for women? Why do you write for people with cycles?

We are not only addressing women with cycles, but also people who do not identify with the gender of women and have a cycle.

Menstruation affects all people who have the organs necessary for it. Often trans men and non-binary people are excluded. We want to change that.

How secure is my data?

We care about your data. Your data is safe with us.

You can find all information in our privacy policy of the app HERE.

Does SISTA also give workshops?

We give workshops on cycles in our working world and address how they can serve as a compass for us.

Cyclical working encompasses the holistic interplay of different cycles that have a relevant impact on our working world. In this keynote lecture, we focus on the influences of project cycles, lunar cycles, seasons, and hormonal cycles, the latter including the cycle of women and people with uteruses. We get to know these cycles better and learn concrete ways to align ourselves with them in our work. The cycles are used as a tool to make the respective qualities and phases work for one instead of against them. In this way, it becomes possible to fully exploit both individual and collective potential in companies and organizations - according to the motto: "work smarter, not harder!"

How can I participate?

You can download the app and register for our workshops HERE. You are also very welcome to email us directly at community@sista.app.

I would like to integrate SISTA for everyone in my company. Is that possible?

Yes, it works very well. We can give a workshop on cyclic working in your company and give a team discount for all people with cycles to use the SISTA app. Feel free to email us about this at community@sista.app.

What do the different colors in the cycle view mean?

The four different colors represent the four different phases of the cycle.

Red stands for menstruation, the inner winter.

Green represents the follicular phase, the inner spring.

Yellow stands for the ovulation phase, the inner summer.

Salmon stands for the luteal phase, the inner autumn.


What are binaural frequencies?
When two different frequencies arrive in both ears (via headphones) at the same time, the difference in frequency creates a new sound in the brain. This tone is described as a binaural frequency. Depending on how many Hertz (Hz) it has, the brain waves are influenced by it. By consciously selecting the binaural frequencies, one can either get into a more relaxed, creative or productive state.

38 to 42 Hz: Gamma waves represent heightened awareness and sensory perception. This is where we feel stressed, but it also allows us to pursue demanding work.
14 to 38 Hz: Beta waves are emitted when we are "normal". Here we use our logical thinking and cognitive abilities. But we can also be easily stressed or restless.
8 to 12 Hz: Alpha waves we emit when we are relaxed, e.g. listening to music or reading a book. In this state we are especially creative and can learn new information faster.
3 to 8 Hz: In the state of theta waves, we are deeply relaxed and about to fall asleep. In this state it is easy to meditate.
0 to 3 Hz: If we emit delta waves, we are in the deep sleep phase and release melatonin (a sleep hormone) and somatropin (a growth hormone). From here on, the physical regeneration of the body begins.

Why is the Sound Journey 16 minutes?

This is the time it takes for the binaural frequencies to take effect.
Also, this time helps you connect with you, hear your content and also allows you to listen to a Journey without having a lot of time.

Do I need to adjust my breathing to SISTA?

SISTA works with breathing techniques to help you be more relaxed and focused. As you listen to the Sound Journey, the app will show you a guide for breathing in, holding your breath, and breathing out. You can breathe along with the SISTA rhythm, or follow your natural breathing. Both are possible. We recommend that you simply stay in touch with yourself and follow your impulse to choose which breathing technique suits you best.


How can I track my menstruation?

In the SISTA app you can track the start and duration of your menstruation. Click on the icon with the drop in the upper right corner. You will then be shown the calendar view. Here you can also enter and update your menstruation.

This information is one of the basics to adjust the content in the app and the Sound Journey to you.

My menstruation comes irregularly. Can I still use SISTA?

SISTA not only provides information about your current cycle, but also predicts your next cycle. If your menstruation comes irregularly, it's not a problem. You can simply enter in the app when your bleeding has started. All information and content related to your cycle will then be adjusted by SISTA.

What happens to the reflection data?

The reflection data is your quality of the day and your intention. From this, a suitable affirmation is created for you and the Sound Journey is created for you in such a way that you are picked up at your quality of day and guided into your intention of the day. In addition, the binaural frequencies are tuned to your intention so that your brainwave state can also adapt to your daily potential.

Where can I see an overview of the information I have tracked?

Since this is currently the first version of the SISTA app, the analysis mode is not yet developed. Therefore, you do not yet have the ability to see an overview of your past information.

How can I track cycle-related experiences?

Since this is currently the first SISTA App version, the journal mode is not yet developed. Therefore, you do not have the possibility to track cycle-related experiences yet.

How can I change what I have tracked in SISTA?

You can track the start and duration of your menstruation and also change it at any time. Your tracking in the Mini Reflection when creating the Sound Journey can only be tracked once a day. You cannot change this information. The reason for this is that this tracking should be as intuitive as possible. You can trust that you have chosen and tracked exactly the right things.

Why are my cycle predictions inaccurate?

It may be that your current cycle is shorter or longer than specified in your settings. Please go to the settings and check your cycle length. You can also adjust your menstrual length in the settings. If your cycle is longer or shorter than indicated, you can adjust your predictions again with the onset of your next menstruation.

How do I know when I am ovulating?

Your ovulation is usually 14 +/- 2 days before the onset of your next menstrual period. You may also be able to feel your ovulation. You can also track your basal body temperature or watch your discharge.

I do not have a menstrual cycle. Can I still use SISTA?

You are welcome to use SISTA even if you do not have a menstrual cycle. We can't say what the user:user experience will be like for you. That is up to you. Feel free to tell us about your experience. Feel free to send us an email at community@sista.app. We look forward to hearing from you.

I recently stopped using hormonal contraceptives. When can I start using SISTA?

Immediately. You can use SISTA even if you are using hormonal contraception. You can find out more about this in the next question.

I am using hormonal contraception. Can I use SISTA?

Even if you are using hormonal contraception, you can benefit from many aspects of the app and make good use of it.

If you are using hormonal contraception, it will affect your hormonal cycle. SISTA is designed for a natural hormonal cycle and helps you connect with it, understand it better and transform it into your daily potential.

However, it could be that you do not perceive the different cycle phases so intensely. But that is exactly why it is a good exercise for you to connect with it.

All the other aspects of SISTA you can use just as well, whether you use hormonal contraception or not.

You can use the moon cycle, your menstrual chart, your daily intention, your affirmation and your Sound Journey journey with binaural frequencies and 3D sounds 100%.


Is there really a connection between the moon and menstruation

For a long time there was no provable scientific connection between the moon and menstrual cycles. In 2021, a long-term study of the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg over a period of 32 years was published, in which a connection between the moon and menstrual cycles was proven for the first time.

On average, in women under 35, menstruation occurs synchronously with the full or new moon in just under a quarter of the time recorded.

Source: Women temporarily synchronize their menstrual cycles with the luminance and gravimetric cycles of the Moon. C. Helfrich-Förster, S. Monecke, I. Spiousas, T. Hovestadt, O. Mitesser, T. A. Wehr. Sciences Advances, January 27, 2021. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abe1358.


How can I subscribe to SISTA?

When you download the SISTA app, you can choose a subscription that suits you after a free trial period. You can choose a monthly subscription, an annual subscription or a lifetime subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

On iOS, you can cancel your subscription as follows:

1. Open the settings

2. Tap on your name

3. Tap on "Subscriptions

4. Tap on the SISTA subscription

5. Tap on "Cancel subscription

You can find more information here: https://support.apple.com/de-at/HT202039

For Andorid, you can cancel your subscription as follows:

1. Open the Google Play app

2. Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.

3. Tap on Payments & Subscriptions

4. Tap on Subscriptions

You can find more information here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?hl=DE&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&oco=1#zippy=

How do I get a refund?

For iOS, you can request a refund as follows:

1. Log in to reportaproblem.apple.com

2. Tap or click "I want," and then select "Request a refund."

3. Select the reason for the refund, then select "Continue."

4. Select the app, subscription, or other item, and then select "Submit." If you were charged for a subscription you no longer need, you can also cancel it.

You can find more information here:


For Android, you can request a refund as follows:

Here, the refund process depends on whether the refund is made within 48 hours of purchase or later. You can get all the information here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2479637?hl=de


What does SISTA do to protect my data?

We do everything possible to protect your data.

To do this, we encrypt your data during transmission using Encryption in Transit (=https/SSL):https://cloud.google.com/docs/security/encryption-in-transitWe also use OAuth2 as a login method to confirm your user identities based on an existing, verified authentication.

For data encryption we use Encryption at Rest (disk encryption): https://cloud.google.com/storage/docs/encryption

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in a GDPR compliant manner on Google Cloud, EU (Frankfurt):

Can someone access my profile without my consent?

No, this is not possible without your consent.


How do I create a SISTA account?

Once you have installed the app, you will be guided through the onboarding process. Here you can enter your email address and name and create an account.

Why do I need a SISTA account?

Your SISTA account gives you and us the ability to store your cycle information and provide you with personalized content.

I am trying to create an account, but I did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

In that case, please contact community@sista.app.

How can I change my email address in SISTA?

In this case, please contact community@sista.app.

I do not have access to the e-mail address registered in my SISTA account and I do not remember my password. How can I recover my account?

In this case please contact community@sista.app.

Then we can change your e-mail address for you.

I have forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

When you enter your password, you will be given the option to click on "Forgot password". You will then receive an email from SISTA where you can reset your password.


Can I use SISTA without being connected to the Internet?

In order to have your current Custom Information displayed in the app, you need to be connected to the internet. This is also a requirement for creating your Sound Journey. If there are problems with your internet connection and you are unable to create your Journey, SISTA will notify you.

How can I set up my reminders?

When you start the app, you will be asked if SISTA can send you messages. If you select YES here, you will receive notifications from the SISTA app. We recommend that you turn on notifications so that you can be reminded when your period starts, for example.

You can also set notifications directly in the settings on your smartphone:

iOS: Settings → Search SISTA App → Notifications → Enable notifications.

Android: Settings → Search SISTA app → Notifications → Enable notifications.

Why am I not getting push notifications?

That's because they're turned off in your settings. You can set notifications directly in the settings on your smartphone:

iOS: Settings → Search SISTA App → Notifications → Allow notifications enable.

Android: Settings → Search SISTA app → Notifications → Allow notifications enable.

How can I change the language in the app?

Currently, SISTA is only available in German. We are working on making all content available in English. Sign up HERE to be notified when the English version is available. Other languages will follow.

How do I set up a password for my SISTA app?

You can select a password in the SISTA app onboarding. Face ID and Touch ID are also available to you. You can also choose whether or not you want to enter your password every time you open the app.